When I am not taking pictures I’m showing others how to get the best of the industry. The real test has been as a self contracted Business Consultant focusing predominantly on the Photographic industry hitting 7 years.

Whereas my passion and fast hitting sales leads the head in this game, on the other hand I virtually talk, drive, achieve and determine the prospect and solutions for corporate, SME and commercial organisations.

It doesn’t stop there… as it shows I love photography, which means I swim in products and when I’m packed out with my equipment it makes me the perfect training buddy to deliver the right information. Not forgetting my colourful booklets, yummy snacks and heads up for the humour on fun guidance.

My expertise not only has been tied with a reputation of trust, commitment and impressive results, interestingly the work of my hands has been the front face of national stores - you may have already touched it without knowing it was me.   Keep your eyes peeled for this developing establishment.